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A good friend of mine recently told me that embodiment will welcomethe coming era, Reading this makes me wonder if ours has been an age of rage: most of us in cities and suburbs don't experience Gaia as we were built to, and perhaps that's linked to general anger. Magdalene lists rage as the final of the seven gates, and it does seem we are culturally prone to despising 'them' nowadays. Thanks Helen for your piece and your ongoing work

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Thank you, Jonas, for engaging with me here—I appreciate your reflections and will investigate Magdalene’s seven gates! As I see it, our individual/collective rage is calling us to reconnect to our earthly nature, but our disconnection largely hampers our ability to interpret its message, as well as our ability to transmute its energy in generative ways. However we can do it, re-membering ourselves as Earth is necessary, sacred work. Peace to you!

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