Oracle Readings & Creative Coaching

Working with the 40 cards in the Wheel of Wisdom oracle card deck stimulates your imaginal intelligence—an important means of accessing your own highest knowing. Readings are not intended to predict the future; they turn on your inner GPS and help you recognize the benevolent forces that guide you, when you are open to them.

The Wheel of Wisdom is also a tool for Creative Coaching—a form of visionary midwifery that draws out your wise creative self and supports your intention to live into a new project, product, business, partnership, or way of living in the world.

Sessions with Helen 
Via Zoom or In-Person
Seattle & Bellingham, WA

online booking is currently suspended
please email or call to schedule: 206.683.6779

60-Minute Oracle Reading

Using the Wheel to access your own higher wisdom, you’ll gain insights into a specific issue or area of concern in your life and begin re-activating your rootedness, security, purpose. ($120 USD)

2-Hour Oracle Reading

Ideal for couples, friends, and business or creative partners, we’ll look at an issue, question, or area of concern and reveal what strengthens and weakens the sense of belonging for each of you. Recognizing how belonging operates distinctly in you both will help you navigate and nourish your relationship. ($240 USD)

Creative Coaching

The felt sense of belonging is your deepest creative well. Using the Wheel of Wisdom as our framework and the oracle cards as our point of departure, coaching draws out your wise, creative self and helps you live into your vision of a new project, product, business, partnership, or way of living. Go to to learn more.

What some people have shared after their reading…
“I am pretty speechless about the depth of the reading you just gave me. Really profound. It has given me much food for thought, journalling and a direction for taking action and more responsibility for my changes."

"I have felt resistant to being ‘typed' with the Enneagram, but the Wheel invites a sense of curiosity and exploration. It's shed new light on the various strategies I've used to protect myself from feeling, when feeling has not been safe."

"The Wheel's multidimensional insight has informed how I see and understand myself and my innate gifts, and I’m developing self-compassion for the shadows that accompany them. I'm more adept with holding a big picture of my evolution, AND loving myself without shame when I notice those shadows."

"Days later the reading is not only still with me but it’s opening up a perception of myself in the world that finally makes sense."

"Exploring these archetypes with you has surfaced gratitude and compassion for my "go to" strategies. I'm finding myself more keen and quick to notice when I am protecting, and consider whether that protection is necessary."

"These readings really stick with me more than so many other readings I’ve had!"

“Thank you so much for the insights that came through the Wheel of Wisdom. I have been highly recommending an oracle reading to my friends!"