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This reader-supported publication shares the Wheel of Wisdom’s fresh and multidimensional perspective of Nine Archetypes that have long prevailed in the human psyche. It reflects an evolution in humanity’s perception of self and world, with insights into Sacred Geometry that are practical and transcendental.

The Wheel of Wisdom framework can be used on your own or shared with others, to help understand and embody what we humans long to feel: belonging.

The book and oracle deck convey a story of the soul’s journey and reveal hidden meanings within the ecstasies and agonies of every human life. The Wheel is a reminder that everything has purpose. As you explore the Wheel, allow it to speak to your heart and deepen your felt sense of who you are, why you are here, and how you always belong.

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insights into the creative nature of belonging & a sacred geometry inside you


As storyteller and creative catalyst, my work encourages people to access and express their innate creativity, highest wisdom, and natural compassion. It is an invitation to give up trying to "fit in" and experience how you truly belong.